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 ====== Synthmark64 ====== ====== Synthmark64 ======
-Todo!+This is an updated version of the benchmark program found [[http://​wiki.icomp.de/​wiki/​C64_Benchmarks|here]]. List of changes below. 
 +  * Added machine information at the bottom of the menu screen. CPU (6502/​65C02/​65816),​ RAM and video system (PAL/​NTSC) 
 +  * Added SuperCPU optimization options: 
 +^Optimization ^SuperCPU v1 ^SuperCPU v2 ^ 
 +|Default|Mirror $0000-$ffff|Mirror $0200-$ffff| 
 +|None|Mirror $0000-$ffff|Mirror $0000-$ffff| 
 +|Full|Mirror $0400-$07ff|Mirror no memory| 
 +  * Changed write tests from page $ff to $fe since $ff00 is an REU address used to trigger pending DMA transfers 
 +  * Added out of competition long addressing tests for 65816 setups with atleast 256 KB of RAM installed