This is an updated version of the benchmark program found here. List of changes below.

  • Added machine information at the bottom of the menu screen. CPU (6502/65C02/65816), RAM and video system (PAL/NTSC)
  • Added SuperCPU optimization options:
Optimization SuperCPU v1 SuperCPU v2
DefaultMirror $0000-$ffffMirror $0200-$ffff
NoneMirror $0000-$ffffMirror $0000-$ffff
FullMirror $0400-$07ffMirror no memory
  • Changed write tests from page $ff to $fe since $ff00 is an REU address used to trigger pending DMA transfers
  • Added out of competition long addressing tests for 65816 setups with atleast 256 KB of RAM installed